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The Time Has Come

Food and eating are precious gifts, to our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. In our journey into insane food behavior, (and/or other insane behaviors) we have lost the ability to recognize the true purpose of these gifts. Recovery means that we are in the process of rediscovering how to use food to nourish us, […]

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This evening begins Rosh Hashanah, the first day of the new year. Those who know me well will also know that I was raised as a Catholic. But as I continue to grow in recovery, I have developed a deep and humble appreciation for all the other religions, but especially Judaism. Could be because I […]

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In last week’s blog, I said, “I know that the way to change my problems with me, or my life, or other people, has only one solution. I need to change.” It is really hard to change me. I have to first DECIDE to change, then I have to CHOOSE to change, then I have […]

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Inner Peace

Remember, only you can create outer peace with inner peace. Love is real. “We attain inner peace when we relinquish fear and accept love.” —Marianne Williamson When we are in the food, there is no peace. There are cravings, obsessions, and self-hating thoughts. There is the inner debate about what the next diet should be […]

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One of the most difficult things in my practice is helping my clients deal with other people and the food. I want to talk about this today because I think this is an issue that keeps so many people stuck. Do you remember the TV show, “Cheers”? Where everybody knows your name, and they’re awful […]

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I have struggled with what to write on this blog all week, and I finally realized why. It is because I am struggling with other things in my life and they are unfocusing me. Once we realize the problem exists, we can name it. Then we can notice that the problem does not destroy our […]

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During the summer when everyone is going on fancy vacations and you aren’t, take a vacation from yourself. You may not be able to go away physically but decide to change your mind and change your thinking – and your habits of living – just for one week – and take a break from the […]

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This blog is a bit different from those I have been writing, but I hope you will like it. It’s the middle of summer, and it is hard to stay on track some times. We want to relax, enjoy and have some fun. There is lots of chaos and changed schedules and staying focused can […]

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I had something precious. It was given to me at my mother’s death in 1989. I loved it and looked at it often, but I never used it. I brought it from its safe place and put it on the kitchen counter. Then I had a surgery and a whole bunch of other family and […]

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The Summer Of KIWANO

Hello! It is Tuesday July 17 and half of July has already passed. Has it been a good summer so far? Are you meeting your goals? How did you like the fresh peaches we discussed? I have another one for you. Have you ever seen this product? The horned melon or kiwano is a strange-looking fruit […]

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