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Sugar – The Other White Powder

This blog was graciously written for us with my daughter, Catherine Wright. I hope you enjoy it. So, my daughter’s secret love is watching Dr. Phil.  When he stated the attached, she about jumped through the roof.  Don’t get me wrong, she has known that sugar can be as addictive as cocaine for YEARS; (WHO […]

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First, I want to apologize that this blog has been delayed; I was writing the food plan book – it is nearly done – and my time got unmanageable. Let’s resume here though, with reading the label. The carbohydrate section is the most interesting part of the label to read. It is challenging and confusing […]

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Hello! I have missed you this month! We had a wonderful spring retreat! And I have been working on the new food plan book and it is finally finished and sent off to my reviewers! So, I am glad to be back here, to my regular schedule with you!! Let’s get back to finishing our […]

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This is the second in our series on label reading. Last time we discussed the ingredient lists; today we are going to tackle the Nutrition Facts Chart. This is where the truth is told, and it is essential that you understand it. Changes are coming to the labels in the next year, and we will […]

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I found myself in an unfamiliar grocery store last weekend, and I was impressed (shocked!) by the number of processed, artificial, and man-made foods they had there. Most of them were also nutrient free but some of them acted like they were healthy and nutritious, when they really were not made of foods I want […]

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Theresa’s Take on Truvia

Today’s blog is what my son would call “One of my Mother’s Rants”. As you may know I am rewriting my food plan book. And so I am reading a lot of the literature about artificial sweeteners. And, as the Universe would have it, a number of people have been in my office with problems […]

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It’s winter, and there are lots of flu and cold bugs going around. A number of people have asked me how we handle sick days abstinently, so I thought this would be a good time to address the issue. Today it snowed, about six inches where I live, and the temperature outside is 29 degrees. […]

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Are you getting the results you really want in your life? Are you following the food plan and feeling comfortable and happy? Are you enjoying your life today? In these blogs, we have been talking about goal setting and changing behavior. How is that working for you? What has happened for me is, from seven […]

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New Year Intentions and Changes

In the last blog, I talked about our goals for the New Year and how the things that will make us most happy are the things we struggle with the most. We talked about the difference between resolutions and intentions. We talked about goals, not resolutions, and behaviors, not ideals. And we talked about renewal, […]

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Have you ever made new years resolutions? I’m gonna lose 40 pounds, exercise every day, run a marathon, clean my basement/garage/ house, be nice to my mother in law? Be more spiritual? How long did they last? So on the day before Hannukah started, I was talking with some friends about what the holiday means…..the […]

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