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Bits and Pieces

RED DYE #3 CNN reports today that the governor of California has signed a law banning four potentially harmful additives in our food:  they are Red Dye #3, potassium bromate, brominated vegetable oil and propylparaben. Potassium bromate makes doughs rise higher; the propylparabens are antimicrobial preservatives. Red dye number 3 is a coloring agent in […]

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Some Conversations

Here are several conversations some people have with themselves, with family, and with friends.  Do they sound familiar? The Lady In My Head Sometimes it feels like there is another person who lives in my brain; she talks to me and often says rude things. Once in a while, she has a good suggestion, but […]

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This is The Blog of Change

WITH SADNESS I suspect most of you already know that Phil Werdell has passed on. Phil was a powerhouse of knowledge, wisdom, and support to the food addiction community. He was one of the first people to speak publicly about food as an addictive drug, and he worked tirelessly to heal others. Our community has […]

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Change Can Be PAINFUL!

One of the scariest things I ever do is make a major change in my behavior. This terrifies me. I do not see how others say, “O I just made up my mind and did it. It was fine.” This does not compute for me. And when the changes are not my choice, that is […]

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News and Changes From Renaissance

First, I want to share a podcast! You know I don’t do them often or regularly, but here is the latest: Second, at the bottom of this email you will find a link to a survey that I need your help with. I am ready to restart the classes and support groups we have […]

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Conversations With Gertrude

Gertrude is the name I have given to Abby’s addiction when it wants to talk with her.   GERTRUDE:   Go ahead, it’s been a really long time since you had this to eat. ABBY:   You’re right, it has been a long time.  But it’s not on my food plan. GERTRUDE:   It’s not fair!  Everybody else […]

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Setting Effective Boundaries

Boundaries are prevalent throughout the universe; planets have orbits, oceans have shores, rivers have banks. Boundaries define the beginnings and ends of many things. Walls define a room, fences separate my yard from yours, a cup has a limit to how much it can hold. The first and most important boundaries we must set are […]

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Beginning With Boundaries

After all these weeks about label reading, I hope you are feeling much clearer and more confident about evaluating the label and making your food choices. As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns, please respond here and I am happy to answer your questions. Today I want to talk about your own ingredient […]

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Boundaries And Freedom

“I’m having a miserable week,” says my client. “My food is out of control; my boss got fired; I hoped for his job; I’ve been given most of his work but none of the title, prestige, or money that comes with it. Let me skip telling you about life at home.” My client feels awful […]

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Handling Hard Stuff

Do you ever have things happen in your life which you did not want, do not like, and never wished for? Hard stuff. And do you eat over it? Well, maybe I should say, how do you keep yourself from eating over it? Well, what else should I do? Here is a long list of […]

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