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Prioritizing Your Needs With Others Needs

Last week we talked about the difficulties of self-care; this week I would like to offer sone strategies to doing just that. Remember, if you ignore your own self care needs, you may become drained, angry and resentful. When your physical and emotional “pitcher” is empty, you cannot pour love and help on anyone else. […]

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Self Care Is Not Selfish!

Do you struggle with balancing other things (food, time, resources, other people’s needs) with meeting your own needs? Do you feel like if you take care of all of them first, then you can go and take care of yourself? Or maybe they will take care of you? And then there is never enough time […]

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Hello! Happy New Year! This is a picture of the last moon of 2020, December 31. It was taken by my friend Joe and he gave me permission to share it with you. Is it not beautiful? Now we are in the vortex…the end of the last year and the beginning of the next one. […]

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The End of The Year Is Coming!

We have made it through Christmas and, hopefully, free of traumas, illnesses, binges, and COVID 19 with our masks and hand sanitizers intact. I hope this has been a lovely holiday for you and that Santa sent you all that you wanted. Today I am choosing to share a poem: I found it and it […]

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A Precious Tablecloth

Instead of my usual blog, I wanted to share this poem with you. A friend shared it with me a few years ago. The text says it was written by a Pastor Bob Reid, but we have no idea if that is correct or where the story came from; if you do, please tell me […]

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Let’s Change The Way We Think And Work

This week is Chanukah; as a little Catholic girl, I was always curious about those lights when they were lit in the windows near my home. As an adult, I have read the descriptions many times.  I always notice how much they have meaning for you and me in our recoveries. This week, I asked […]

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The Last Weeks Of The Year

This week’s blog may seem a little different to you; I’m not really discussing food very much, and a lot of this is my own personal beliefs and practices. After the new year, we will get back to how to cook vegetables and follow a food plan, but for now I thought this was more […]

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We’re Almost There!

As you read this, it should be the first of December. That means there are thirty-one days till the beginning of the new year. For me this is a special, precious and sacred time. I cut out as many of my normal work activities as possible and spend the time doing other things, which I […]

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Thanksgiving Week Has Arrived!

There are so many blessings in our lives that sometimes we forget to count them! We tend to stay focused on the things that are different from every other year, impossible to have, require extra work and planning, and being aware of COVID hanging over our heads! I want to try in this blog to […]

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Find the Thanks in Thanksgiving

As you read this, it will be November 16 or 17, and Thanksgiving is very close with other holidays close behind. This will not be a Thanksgiving like any other so our preparations must be a lot different from other years. Our anxieties, worries, concerns, and maybe disappointments need to be handled with love and […]

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