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I Have Failed

Well, friends, I have to admit that I have failed. I was supposed to write today about the way vitamins and minerals work in the heart. I know this material from dietitian school. But when I sat down to write it, I realized the topic was much more enormous than I thought.  The blog would […]

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How Are You Doing These Days?

Did you ever think about your body? How hard it works? It began as two microscopic cells and slowly and gently grew into a tiny baby. How did the body know how to set up your heart and lungs and liver? How did it know not to put eyeballs on your toenails? These were thoughts […]

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I Just Need To Share This

This pandemic has changed, probably permanently, some parts of our lives. And it is scary. And it is emotionally horrible to watch our loved ones die without being able to be with them. Lots of us have lost jobs and some of us have had to make major changes in our work and home lives. […]

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Hello, and Happy Tuesday!

This pandemic has gone on long enough for most of us to be hurt, grieving, and/or exhausted. The weather is awful and the fear is huge. So, as I began this blog, I really struggled with what to write about. For many of us, our food choices easily become unhealthy. So, I decided to give […]

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Virus Coping Plan

There is an old saying that unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.  Well, these are unprecedented times!  So, what unprecedented measures am I talking about?  Well, if you are like me, stuck at home, as the government has closed all non-essential businesses, then you are really looking at the things that have been overlooked for […]

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Support for Stressful Life Situations

Have you ever felt like you just can’t take any more? The food is out of control, the boss wants more than you can give, your mother in law is enraged with you, and the dog just chewed up your favorite shoes? And we have this horrible coronavirus that is keeping us indoors and isolated […]

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Survive and Thrive

I’m sure you have noticed; this is a whole new world. Things are changing and we don’t know when or how they will stop. My husband is at the grocery store, at 6:15 am. (That’s when old people are encouraged to go.) On Thursday, they will call and tell us when to pick up our […]

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Staying Home With Your Food Plan

Wow!  So much has happened in one week!  I am still talking to clients over the phone and Zoom.  Many have asked the same question – so here I am putting it out to you… “I am staying home.  How do I do my food?” My answer- the same as always!  EVERYONE is staying home […]

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Dealing With Scary Chaos

Well hello! I am glad you are here to read this blog. It seems to me that the world has gone mad and all the things we respect and rely on for help are really changing rapidly! For those of us in recovery, staying balanced and centered is sometimes difficult. So, a few suggestions from […]

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