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Today is December 13 – How are you?

There are only 21 days till the end of the holiday season for most of us, and now seems to be the most hectic time. The demands of our lives seem to be multiplying, the problems we have struggled with all year are being magnified, and time to do things seems to be running out. […]

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The Holiday Chaos Is Here!

There are only 25 more days till the chaos is over. And Hannukah begins tomorrow! This is an eight day celebration of rededication and recommitment. That is an important concept for all of us. There comes a period in each of our lives where we are confronted by the reality of how we are spending […]

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The Holidays Have Begun

How was Thanksgiving? I hope you enjoyed being with family, friends, and people who love you. This is the first week of the five weeks that will lead us to the year 2024. This is an incredibly spiritual time, a time of reflection, observation, celebration, and hopefully of growth and change for all of us. […]

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Happy Start To The Holiday Season!

Wishing you all a joyful holiday, filled with all the things you love the most! Thanks for reading me on this Fantastic Friday! My blog plans fell apart and I was not able to get one published in time! So again, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you had a wonderful day and I wish that all […]

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Plan For The Holidays! Blog #2

Ok, so today is Wednesday the 15th. A week from today will be the night before Thanksgiving. Let’s plan for the kind of holiday season we want. My overarching goal is to help you create the kind of holiday you really want, and my “Sneaky Dietitian” goal is to help you stay on the food […]

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Plan For Changes

Today is November 8. We made it through All Saints Day and All Souls Day and we have fifteen days till Thanksgiving, till the chaos begins. Do not waste these days. Use them to access your power, What do You want to accomplish in your life? In these holidays? In the next 53 days till […]

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Halloween Leads Us To The Holidays

Today is November 1. It is one day after Halloween. So, thirty days for November and 31 for December, means that on the sixty-second day, it will be 2024! Halloween is followed by all Saints Day and all Souls Day, then Thanksgiving on November 23. Advent begins on December 3 and Chanukah’s seven days begin […]

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Halloween (All Hallows’ Eve)

All Hallows’ Eve (or Halloween) can be traced back to its origin in ancient times when Samhain (read sow-in) was celebrated. This was the transition between the growing period and the resting period. The central theme of Samhain was transformation. The year turned from the long light days to long dark nights. Grains, fruits, and […]

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Suggestions For Support

When I started to talk with people about addiction to sugar and refined foods, many years ago, folk said I was nuts. That it was impossible to be addicted to sugar because you must eat to survive. WOW. The world has changed! But the world still does not get it that we need to put […]

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Bits and Pieces

RED DYE #3 CNN reports today that the governor of California has signed a law banning four potentially harmful additives in our food:  they are Red Dye #3, potassium bromate, brominated vegetable oil and propylparaben. Potassium bromate makes doughs rise higher; the propylparabens are antimicrobial preservatives. Red dye number 3 is a coloring agent in […]

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