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It is Seven Days into December

A whole week has passed since our last contact. Twenty-six days are left. How will you spend them? Please let me look with you at some of the possibilities. First and worst, you had a “slip” and decided to keep on eating. OK. How does it feel? If you continue this, how will you feel […]

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The Next 33 Days

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope you enjoyed a wonderful day with people who love you. I hope you came home relaxed and happy. And I hope you are eagerly looking forward to the rest of the year, expecting joy and laughter and wonderful gifts to be given and received, And are you looking forward […]

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Surviving The Holiday Chaos

The holidays are upon us! It may seem like they will last forever but they are finite, measurable, and have a defined end. This is important because it gives us a perspective we did not always have. They have an end. Stay focused on what you really want this season; if you aim at nothing, […]

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Today as I write this is November 14, and the chaos has begun. I spent the weekend in North Carolina and my niece’s wedding. I came home to the beginning of the Christmas chaos. The ads, the songs, the grocery, all are looking forward to Black Friday and a precious Christmas day. Every year, this […]

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All Saints Day and All Souls Day

So, this week we have Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day. Last week we talked about Halloween, this week a more serious topic. The month of November is traditionally a time in which many Christian communities remember those who have died. There are prayer services followed by foods of that culture or heritage. And […]

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Seventy-five Days Till 2023!

Hello! How are you doing today. The weather here is beautiful; if you can, go take some time to enjoy the sunshine! I want to give you a few more practical hints about these holidays, and some suggestions about making things work well. Then we can talk about your food. First. Make some provisional decisions. […]

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Like it or not, the holidays are upon us! Yesterday was Columbus Day, Indigenous Peoples Day, and World Mental Health Day! Is that not celebration enough for us? But No, we are going on to the other holidays:  Christmas is a big deal in some heritages, but our friends celebrate Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Shemini Atzeret, […]

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Time to take a careful look

Labor Day has come and gone; Rosh Hashanah is behind us; Yom Kippur may still be with us, depending on when you read this blog. This is a holy time of the year for all of us. The leaves are changing color, the plants are dropping leaves too, and there is a new crispness in […]

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News from Renaissance

Hello! Did you miss me last week? I was so busy. But we have a new secretary! Amanda will be in the office from about 9 am till 1 pm every day. Please be patient while we get her trained. But ask her all the hard questions, so she gets to find the answers and […]

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