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Being Broken Is A Blessing

So often, my clients talk to me about their feelings of not being “like” other people; of being strange, useless, hopeless, failures, and unworthy or “broken”.  You have tried so many diets and weight loss programs, and they all have failed you. But they make you feel like YOU are the failure. I believe it […]

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Vivacious Vegetables

Vegetables are the least popular foods in our society; many of us don’t get enough. The CDC recommendations are that we should eat two to three cups of veggies a day; and less than 10 % of Americans meet that goal. This is important because a diet high in fruits and vegetables is associated with […]

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Fruit And Fun For All!

This week will begin a series of about four blogs.  They come to you courtesy of my favorite magazine – Nutrition Action Healthletter. This is a magazine published by Center for Science in the Public Interest, so it is not a 12 step publication, but their information is always accurate (except they don’t know about […]

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Are You Going Back?

As I work with my clients, I often feel sad that they are unable to do some of the things that they want to do in their lives.  The food gets in the way and we spend many years trying to solve the food problem.  We say to ourselves, “As soon as I lose this […]

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Your Food Addiction is Physical

Theresa is not feeling well tonight; we have attached a blog written in 2017 – and we hope you enjoy it! It is still true today! By H. Theresa Wright on June 19, 2017 This blog was graciously written for us with my daughter, Catherine Wright. I hope you enjoy it. So, my daughter’s secret […]

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Now It’s July

Earlier this year felt really busy for me. Then we started hearing reports about a weird virus in China; why worry, it’s the other side of the world. Suddenly, it was here! And we needed to hunker down, stay home, and don’t go ANYWHERE! No restaurants, no haircuts, no shopping. Stay home. And if you […]

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Hello and welcome to week 16 of the corona virus! How are you? My life has taken some twists and turns this week, and I did not have time to write the blog I wanted to write for you. So, I decided to share with you this writing, which I created for one of my […]

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I’m Lonely, Are You Lonely Too?

I must admit that I expected the coronavirus lockdown to last about two weeks, and a part of me looked forward to staying home, not teaching classes, etc. This has become much bigger than that. So many of us have lost those we love to this microscopic invader. And now it is eight weeks and […]

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