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Let’s Celebrate Your Independence From Food Problems

On July 4th, the Continental Congress formally adopted the Declaration of Independence, which was intended to celebrate the birth of a new nation, commemorating freedom from British colonial rule. In India, Independence Day falls on August 15th every year. In Canada, a similar celebration occurs on July 1. These days have greater historical and cultural […]

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Planning For A Great Food Summer

I want to talk some more today on restaurants and travel and summer food non-fun. We look at summer and imagine other people taking cruises to Alaska, going to Rome, Paris, or Reno, and sometimes there is the feeling of “not enough”, “not good enough”, “why can’t I?” Foods that trigger compulsive eaters seem to […]

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Time Travelers

How can you travel across time zones and stay abstinent? How do vacations compromise your abstinence?? How can you take a week at a tropical isle and not mess up your food?? What about a trip to Disney world? Let’s talk first about some principles for eating while traveling, then we will apply them to […]

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Creating Abstinent Summers!

Hello and welcome to Theresa’s weekly blog. This week I want to begin a series of blogs to help you get through the summer fun and the vacations and travel, abstinently, happily and with enjoyment. Today we are going to talk about eating abstinently in restaurants, then we will discuss airplane, long car rides, and […]

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Managing Your Cravings

A craving is an intense desire for some particular food that is not on your food plan. Food addicts will experience cravings as a symptom of their condition, from time to time. THIS IS NORMAL! It is often related to the stage or quality of your recovery. It is this intense desire to eat your […]

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Three Powerful Recent Articles

I wanted to write more about cravings today, but I found these three articles I need to share with you. The first article (reprinted below) is a commentary that is usually written by physicians. This one is written by a chief of Gastroenterology.  High fructose corn syrup (a form of fructose), he says, has been […]

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An article in my favorite nutrition magazine really aggravated me this week. Turns out there is a new energizing frozen coffee for sale.” The perfect way to cool off”.  It is made from a blend of water, light cream, liquid cane sugar (sugar, water, and potassium sorbate) and coffee swirl syrup. This is made of […]

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Real Life Recovery

You are made of body, mind, and spirit. You may love it, like it, feel neutral about it, or dislike it, but your body is the home in which you live this lifetime. Your mind is the power with which you walk through this life. Your spirit is the part that is really you. Food […]

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The Hardest Part Of Recovery

I was really struggling with what to write for this week’s blog; then the next client came in and I asked her. Her answer was immediate and definite: “Spirituality,” she said, “that is the hardest part for all of us.” I was astonished by her answer because of what I knew of her life. But […]

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