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Making It Work For You

The last four weeks we have been talking about driving into the ditch, or avoiding it! Today I want to talk about what makes the ditch unnecessary. You know how, in the second blog, one of the alternatives was to pull off the road, and spend some time thinking about what went wrong? What is […]

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When It All Falls Apart

“So, it’s Valentine’s Day, and the food triggers are everywhere, it’s all chocolate, it’s all my favorite stuff. And no one is going to buy ME flowers, HE just left for HER, and my boss started talking about reorganization and focus and streamlining and there is all this cold wet stuff coming down out of […]

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When You Accidentally Drive Into A Ditch

Week before last, we talked about not driving into a ditch. If you don’t remember my analogy, here it is: Recovery is like driving sometimes: there are rumble strips on the side of the road. (They ANNOY me!) But when my car goes over a rumble strip, it tells me to get back on track, […]

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February and Gargoyles

Hello Friends; February will be an exciting month at Renaissance! Do you believe – KIM G. – will be coming to the third Saturday Support Group! You know how wonderful her talks about the Big Book and food recovery are; please, please plan to join us! And Vince Di Pasquale and I are doing a […]

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So, it is now mid-January. How are you doing? Does it feel great to have the holidays behind us, or do you miss the fun? Do you feel proud of what you did with your food or do you feel sad and disappointed? And what about your own goals for the new year? Are they […]

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Welcome to the first of my blogs from the new decade! I am so grateful to be here with you in this special and precious new year. You who have worked with me for some time already know that I had a childhood that was difficult and painful to me. Going away to college was […]

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Happy Halfway!!

As you read this, (I know it is the first thing you do every Tuesday morning!) it will be December 17  -– four days till the winter solstice, five days till Hanukkah begins, eight days till Christmas, nine days till Kwanza begins, and fourteen days till all this ends. It seems so very long and […]

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It’s Christmas Already?!?!

My daughter brought to my attention an article published in my local newspaper (The Times Herald), by Laura Catalano, entitled “Sneak Attacks and the Holidays.” She talks about how in childhood, she and her brother would play a game in which they tried to scare each other, by jumping out from behind a door, etc. […]

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