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Voices in Our Brains

More on GERTRUDE! Food addiction is a force that functions in your mind and heart separately from your conscious thought or will. It is a composition of many areas of your life, some good, some bad, some awful. Many of your negative childhood experiences are recorded in Gertrude’s belief system, especially negative thoughts and ideas […]

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Introducing Gertrude

So, our topic again this week is about making changes. And one of the things that prevents me from making and maintaining changes is a nasty voice who lives in my head. Her name is Gertrude, and I can always tell it is her by how she talks, First, if I am speaking about me, […]

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Changes Are Hard Work

Changing anything in my life is hard work. Whatever it is, from bedtime to getting-up time, from breakfast through bedtime snack, being consistent with the change is hard work for me. Even when I know how good the change will be for me, even when I DECIDE to make the change, it is still hard […]

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Make A Change

Last week’s blog brought up so many feelings! We feel like there is only so much time in the day; if we don’t put that time on work stuff, we will be behind! And this, that and the other, all essential, won’t get done on time! That would, of course, be some kind of catastrophe! […]

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Self-care is the most important and most difficult part of my world, some days. It is so easy to get lost in all the debris and difficulties of running our lives and managing all the chaos and uncertainties of these days. Add maintaining abstinence and a solid recovery program, and there sometimes just doesn’t seem […]

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The Right Answer to the Wrong Question

I am often deeply moved by the client’s feelings about food “I cannot live without this food” and about the fear of other people’s opinion “What will they think of me? I can’t weigh and measure there!”  He said, “Ok, here we go again, back on another crazy diet” And she asked, “Can’t you have just […]

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Boundaries Four

Let’s pretend you have been struggling with your weight for a lot of your life. And let’s pretend you have tried many of the weight loss diets and programs out there. And let’s pretend you have lost weight lots of times, only, sadly, to regain it. And I hope that now, finally, you have come […]

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Boundaries Around Food and Other People

Relationships with other people can be the most comfortable and most deeply rewarding of the experiences of our lives. They can also be the most difficult, time-consuming, desperate struggles of our lives. Especially around food, eating, and body weight. Can you hear those people whispering? “Why do you think she eats like that?” “She could […]

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Boundaries with Food and Myself

A boundary is an invisible line between your choices, needs, and responsibilities and those of others. The boundaries we set around food and eating affect the way other people see us, and may inconvenience others at some times. If we change the boundaries irregularly and / or without warning, it may upset others who are […]

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Beginning With Boundaries

After all these weeks about label reading, I hope you are feeling much clearer and more confident about evaluating the label and making your food choices. As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns, please respond here and I am happy to answer your questions. Today I want to talk about your own ingredient […]

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