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Be Kind To Yourself First!

It is the Fourth of July as I write this – Independence Day – the anniversary of the day the Declaration of Independence was signed. America said it would no longer be part of Great Britain.

What does that have to do with you and me and food?

Great barbecues, perhaps. Hope you enjoyed yours.

What else?

Every national holiday makes me think about what shifts I ought to be making in my life; what do I want to change and do differently?

I have quoted often to you that “self care is not selfish” and that has been in my mind this week. We need to put ourselves first more often. Too much of the time we spend on other people’s needs and desires, in ways that combine and harm us. Obviously, if someone’s life is in danger, my broken fingernail does not matter; let me help him survive first.

But so often we subtly set our selves aside or postpone what we ought to do for ourselves, in order to meet others’ expectations. And drawing boundaries is so hard for us.

But if I skip my teeth cleaning to take the kids to soccer, I might end up with a painful cavity. And if I skip my pneumonia shot because work is “too busy” I might wind up in bed, coughing and choking for a week.

And if I don’t get my food purchased, organized, and set up for the week, staying on the food plan becomes ever more difficult.

And if I skip my daily prayer, and my weekly meetings, and my talks with my support group, I may find myself in an even more difficult situation.

So, take a few minutes with me this short and Independence week, and look at how your recovery program is going. How is the rest of your life going? Which needs are not being met and what do you want to do about that?

Sit down with your Higher Power or someone you trust and look at your life. 2023 is half over this week. What do you want to have done, who do you want to become, in the next six months?  Set your focus on your goals and priorities. I know you have heard me say, “if you aim at nothing, you are likely to hit it”. What would make you happy this week, this month, this year?

And can you fit in that trip to the dentist? How about a pneumonia shot? Or maybe a bonus – the shingles vaccine? What else do you need to take care of?

And laugh and enjoy the sunshine this week!

Blessings to you,


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