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The Sane Food Solution – O Means OPTIMIZING

The purpose of The Sane Food Solution is to OPTIMIZE your recovery process! Now whatever does that mean? Sane Food is a process of setting up your path to health and wellness to give you the results you want: peace of mind, freedom from obsessions and self-abuse, and ability to create the life you really […]

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The Sane Food Solution – O Means OPEN

Open to changing as needed. Here is a bit of advice from someone I greatly respect: Be open. As you start to peel away the layers of your former self, not everything will make sense to you. Suspend judgment, be open, and be willing to not know. You may be pleasantly surprised. If a message […]

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The Sane Food Solution – F Means FREEDOM

Freedom from the foods and behaviors that harm you and cause or support your self-destructive food behaviors is vital to your recovery. Plain and simple, it is time to stop hurting your body, mind, and spirit with foods or thoughts or anything else. Early on in The Sane Food Solution process, people often say to […]

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The Sane Food Solution – A Means ABUNDANT

The Sane Food Solution is designed to lead you to a recovery process that has helped thousands of people to let go of their problems with food, eating and body weight, and other self-destructive behaviors of all kinds. Recovery from all these issues can mean lots of different things to different people, but let me […]

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Do you ever have a day when you had high hopes for something, and it all went the wrong way? Do you ever feel like whatever you try to do turns out just plain wrong? Do you have a voice inside your brain that says you are fat, stupid, ugly, incompetent, disorganized, hopeless, unworthy, and […]

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Yesterday I did the Third Saturday Support Group. This is a three-hour program offered in my office on the third Saturday of the month; it has been going on, with the help and hard work of Marty Lerner, PhD, from Milestones, for seventeen years. I love seeing my clients in this relaxed setting. Our topic […]

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