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It is August 1!

We are more than halfway through the summer! I hope you are taking time to enjoy this beautiful sunshine and steamy weather! Please take time to enjoy yourself. Too often we put off the things we enjoy and just do the things other people want or need. So, plan some healthy time just for you! […]

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Love and Tolerance

In the last few weeks, these blogs have discussed topics about restaurants, vacations, travel, and offered suggestions about dealing with difficult situations. In my discussions and your comments, I am brought back to some basic principles that I want to discuss today. For many years, there was a picture in my kitchen of a cardinal […]

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Fear and Habit Change

Well finally it feels like we are moving away from the fear and restricted activity of the pandemic. A lot has changed in our lives. I am grateful to be vaccinated and I hope you are too; I do not want any more of my clients to be that sick! What happened with your food […]

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Vacations And Road Trips

There are a lot more fun things to do in life and on vacation, than eating. How many times have you gone to a celebration, or on a vacation, and not enjoyed, maybe not even remembered, anything but the food? When you think back about your trip to Alaska, you want to remember the majesty […]

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Vacations and Time Travelers

Please note: this is a series of blogs around restaurants, vacations, relationships, road trips, etc. If you have specific questions in this area, please comment, or call or email me and I will discuss them next week. How can you travel across time zones and stay abstinent? How do vacations compromise your abstinence?? How can […]

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Eating Abstinently In Restaurants

As the pandemic ends and summer begins, we are finally able to return to some of our favorite activities. So, in this blog, I want to give you a few suggestions about eating abstinently in restaurants, while traveling, and on vacation. Dining out can be a pleasurable experience or an anxiety producing, nerve wracking battle.  […]

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Challenging Choices

It is the beginning of summer and the ending of most of the pandemic restrictions. How has your life changed in the last fourteen months? How has your food changed? Have you spent the time cleaning out stuff and following your food plan, or have you spent it watching tv and snacking on high calorie […]

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