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Cravings And Changes

So how is it going for you? Did you try a week of weighing and measuring? How was it? Was it easy? Hard? Scary?  And here is my big question: When you weighed and measured, was it enough? Did you feel satisfied? Do you need a change? I have been faced with changes that need […]

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Weighing, Measuring, and Other People

One of the things that happens when we weigh and measure our food is that we and other people have strong feelings about it. People ask questions, comment, object, are embarrassed to watch, and generally do not understand what and why we are doing this.  So, this week I want to give you some suggestions […]

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You Want Me to Do WHAT?!?!

Last week we talked about the recovery bugaboo – weighing and measuring. Lots of us resist because it is irritating, or embarrassing, or takes too much time, or most importantly – makes us fear deprivation and hunger.  That comes from your old diets. This is something new and wonderful! This week, I want to show […]

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Many people resist weighing and measuring their food. It seems somehow discriminatory, embarrassing, humiliating to need to do that. So, this week’s topic is about the big bugaboo – why we need to weigh and measure. First, please realize that weighing and measuring is not unusual or shameful in our world. Anything we buy is […]

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This Saturday was the third Saturday of the month. For years, I have had a support group every third Saturday.  I love them. I always learn a lot or get to help folk who really need it. This Saturday, we had car issues so my husband dropped me off at work, about an hour early, […]

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Fats For February

Welcome to the weekly chaos that has filled my life. You may notice that we have a new secretary, her name is Cynthia, and I think you will like her. We have spent lots of time and energy cleaning up chaos this week; if you called and did not get a response yet, please do […]

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Happy February! I am starting off in my usual pattern with another surgery and another secretary! I think this makes fourteen surgeries for me; can you count up the secretaries?  In our last snowfall I slipped on some mud in the driveway and tore the meniscus in my right knee; so that had to be […]

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When I first started to blog, I really wasn’t sure I could produce a blog every week, but I scheduled it and I tried. It worked. Until New Year’s Eve. I had been reading this novel. Then someone on TV when the ball dropped said something. And I knew I had to change the blog. […]

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