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Support for Stressful Life Situations

Have you ever felt like you just can’t take any more? The food is out of control, the boss wants more than you can give, your mother in law is enraged with you, and the dog just chewed up your favorite shoes? And we have this horrible coronavirus that is keeping us indoors and isolated […]

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Survive and Thrive

I’m sure you have noticed; this is a whole new world. Things are changing and we don’t know when or how they will stop. My husband is at the grocery store, at 6:15 am. (That’s when old people are encouraged to go.) On Thursday, they will call and tell us when to pick up our […]

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Staying Home With Your Food Plan

Wow!  So much has happened in one week!  I am still talking to clients over the phone and Zoom.  Many have asked the same question – so here I am putting it out to you… “I am staying home.  How do I do my food?” My answer- the same as always!  EVERYONE is staying home […]

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Dealing With Scary Chaos

Well hello! I am glad you are here to read this blog. It seems to me that the world has gone mad and all the things we respect and rely on for help are really changing rapidly! For those of us in recovery, staying balanced and centered is sometimes difficult. So, a few suggestions from […]

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Take Care Of It When It Is Small

Sometimes we have issues in our lives that we don’t want to deal with. We’d rather ignore them, hide them under the rug, run away from them, or dive into the food. None of this works. Baby steps. When you see the problem starting, it is time to step forward and take care of it. […]

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What Is Relapse?

I am so glad you enjoyed Cathie’s message last week and I am grateful to her for “Rescuing” me! The last four weeks we have been talking about rumble strips; and driving patterns as a metaphor for the stages of relapse. Seeing your possibilities for relapses coming, before they arrive, is essential to staying abstinent […]

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Making It Work For You

The last four weeks we have been talking about driving into the ditch, or avoiding it! Today I want to talk about what makes the ditch unnecessary. You know how, in the second blog, one of the alternatives was to pull off the road, and spend some time thinking about what went wrong? What is […]

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When It All Falls Apart

“So, it’s Valentine’s Day, and the food triggers are everywhere, it’s all chocolate, it’s all my favorite stuff. And no one is going to buy ME flowers, HE just left for HER, and my boss started talking about reorganization and focus and streamlining and there is all this cold wet stuff coming down out of […]

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When You Accidentally Drive Into A Ditch

Week before last, we talked about not driving into a ditch. If you don’t remember my analogy, here it is: Recovery is like driving sometimes: there are rumble strips on the side of the road. (They ANNOY me!) But when my car goes over a rumble strip, it tells me to get back on track, […]

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