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News from Renaissance

Hello! Did you miss me last week? I was so busy. But we have a new secretary! Amanda will be in the office from about 9 am till 1 pm every day. Please be patient while we get her trained. But ask her all the hard questions, so she gets to find the answers and […]

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My Body, My Friend

Let’s talk a little now about our relationships with our body. If your “Gertrude” is like most people’s, she has a lot that is negative to say about the body. But the Course in Miracles says the body was given to the mind as a gift – as a place for the mind to live, […]

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The Inner Critic Versus the Butterfly

I’ve been blogging with you for weeks about your Inner Critic, or my Gertrude, and why they need to be put to rest, limited in their voices, and no longer allowed to speak rudely to you. Now some may ask, “Why is Theresa spending all this time on the thoughts in my brain? Shouldn’t a […]

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Handling the Folk in Your Life

  As the sign above says, YOU get to choose who is allowed in your life. You get to evaluate, promote demote terminate, excoriate, restrict, avoid, allow, disallow, accept, or reject. Imagine a path of concentric circles. You are the center.   The Uber driver is outside the circles. Your brother’s wife’s sister-in-law who no one […]

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Voices In Our Brains

We all have a variety of voices in our brains. Those of us who struggle with food or other substances have a special group of voices in our brains that encourage us to indulge in the wrong or harmful behavior. We can do that, and keep doing it for a really long time. But if […]

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Voices in Our Brains

More on GERTRUDE! Food addiction is a force that functions in your mind and heart separately from your conscious thought or will. It is a composition of many areas of your life, some good, some bad, some awful. Many of your negative childhood experiences are recorded in Gertrude’s belief system, especially negative thoughts and ideas […]

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Introducing Gertrude

So, our topic again this week is about making changes. And one of the things that prevents me from making and maintaining changes is a nasty voice who lives in my head. Her name is Gertrude, and I can always tell it is her by how she talks, First, if I am speaking about me, […]

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Changes Are Hard Work

Changing anything in my life is hard work. Whatever it is, from bedtime to getting-up time, from breakfast through bedtime snack, being consistent with the change is hard work for me. Even when I know how good the change will be for me, even when I DECIDE to make the change, it is still hard […]

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