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As 2020 Ends


Well, Halloween is over, and we begin the end-of-the-year activities. It is time for you to make your plans for the next two months, so you can end the year abstinently and joyfully. So, let’s talk about how to do this.

First. Are there foods in the house that you struggle with? Handle and get rid of them quickly. If a family member really wants them, let him/her take charge of handling them; they must be kept in a closed space that is not accessible to you.

Otherwise, here are some suggestions. Can you:

Drop it off at the food pantry,

Take it to work;

Let a family member take it to his/her work;

Donate it to a school, a church, the local police station or post office, ambulance service or physician’s office.

If you must, leave it somewhere people pass, with a sign that makes it free to take.

Now. We have eight weeks till 2021 with lots of stuff in between. Put your self-care first. I’ll do the whole blog on this topic next week. But for now, think about what you need to make things go more smoothly for yourself, that you can include with the other things you do.

First, which family get togethers can still be held safely, and what do you need for them? Paper napkins, plates, utensils, etc. will make cleanup safer and easier.

What are the things stores run out of? Pretty greeting cards, wrapping paper, ribbons, lights for the porch or tree? Check the camera batteries.

What foods do you need? Frozen fruits and veggies and proteins, your favorite starches, paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste (Need a new toothbrush?) favorite spices and seasonings, other foods, your own face creams? Candles, lotions, pet food, litter?

Think about Christmas gifts. The stores will be understocked; and the computer can be so convenient, but everyone will do it this year.  Allow extra time for things to get to you.  Buy the standard things you usually buy for others, get the gifts you know you will need, add a book for yourself, and let the nice FEDEX or Postman bring it to your door.

Make the medical appointments you need to do, now, and add those for the family members who “forget” and the ones no one wants to go to. Make hair and nail appointments too, if you need them. Be sure you get to your 12 step meetings, too.

Now. This is the season of gratitude. I was astounded to read that a company in my area which collects solid waste and recycling, gave a huge donation to the local schools. Can your company do any of that? Could you ask?

And who do you need to say thank you to? My dentist -of thirty years- is retiring at the end of this year. A thank you for your service is more than appropriate.

Is there a food pantry that needs help? Can you increase your contributions just a little to any worthy cause that matters to you?

What about the people who are laid off? Who have family members who are ill or have recently died? What would you like to do for them?

This is a time to say thank you to the Universe, or whatever God you believe in, for the good things in your life and your family’s lives. The actions we take now affect us, yes, but they affect our loved ones and the energy of the Universe. Make your actions make a difference.

Just my opinion. Thanks for listening.

A very blessed week to you,


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