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All Saints Day and All Souls Day

So, this week we have Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day. Last week we talked about Halloween, this week a more serious topic.

The month of November is traditionally a time in which many Christian communities remember those who have died. There are prayer services followed by foods of that culture or heritage. And the end of November is the end of the Liturgical Year; the new year starts the First Sunday of Advent – which is also the four-week period of preparation before Christmas. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, food is tough for food addicts, Holiday parties and celebrations bring out our own ethnic foods and it takes wisdom and prayer to decide how to manage our eating behavior.

We Christians celebrate All Souls’ Day by praying for all the faithful departed, those close to us, and those unknown. We may attend Mass, light a candle in honor of someone in our life who passed, or learn about the traditions celebrated as part of “Día de Los Muertos.” This sounds as if it comes from an old tradition, and it may, but honoring those who left before us, is a way to express care for those we loved. For those who believe, it may feel like a way to help others move forward in their passages from one level to another.

Most of us have less problem with the foods in this space; but make sure that your candles, lotions, and potions are not food scented. Use bayberry, balsam, cedar, etc. scents so that your food sensitivities are not triggered.

We are moving now towards the most difficult time of the year, in so many ways. Light a candle, have a chat with the Universe, or whatever Higher Power you believe in, and ask for what you want and need at this time of year. Choose a favorite saint, or one of your name, or someone who has passed on, and ask for help in making it safely through whatever difficulties you are having or fear having.

Make a plan for the month of November. Take the time to buy all the food items you need. Store them or freeze them so there is not a problem having what you need. Buy some inexpensive plastic containers; when people bring food in large amounts to your home, you can send portions home with the rest of the family, and not have to struggle with not eating it or “wasting” it.

Set apart time to do the things you really want to accomplish this year. Look forward to Thanksgiving and any other holidays you celebrate, and plan what is needed for them. Turn down the offers to do things that will take up too much time or lead you in a way you do not want to focus on right now. This is your chance to focus on the transition to the new year, its blessings and its gifts. Make it start well.

What do you say to loved ones at this time? That is always hard and depends on the situation; use gentleness and consideration for their situation and beliefs. Try “Warm wishes on All Souls Day to all my loved ones. Let us come together to remember and pray for all those who are no longer with us.” Or “They are not there with us but they will always stay with us in our hearts and memories. Wishing you a very Happy All Souls Day.”

As you look at the next weeks, see some of this time as preparation for the celebration. The simpler the celebration is, the less stressed or tempted you will be. Focus on the things that matter to you; those that have meaning and that you will enjoy most. The next few weeks I will write more specifically about handling the situations of the holidays and about maintaining the spiritual connection that you want.

And we will have a group of holiday recipes to email to you at your request; just call the office or email

Love and blessings to you,


PS: Remember our prices go up on December 1; if you want to save $10, call now for your appointment.

PPS: We will be doing Emergency Road Service, a program to help you through the holidays. It will be posted on the website this week.

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