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If you struggle with compulsive eating, obesity, eating disorders or food addiction— and have tried diets, remedies and exercise programs without success— our “sane food” approach to living can finally set you free.

H. Theresa Wright, Founder and Director

H. Theresa Wright

Theresa Wright—Dietitian, Nutrition Therapist and Pioneer in the evolving field of food addiction—provides individual sessions, groups, workshops and retreats to help people transform their relationship with food and reclaim their lives. Read Theresa’s Bio >

Power of Forgiveness


Could you use some focus and help?
At this time of year, people often need to reorganize and reprioritize their structure with food.
Join us for our brand-new workshop around handling food at this time of year!
• Taking Care of Business
• Reboot Your Recovery Program
• Self Care Solutions
• Creating Food Boundaries
Third Saturday Support Group With
Rev. Ken Beldon
More on Mindfulness and Meditation
Mindfulness, contemplative spirituality, and recovery can come together and help us heal.


How have the holidays been for you in years past, and what would you like to create this year?

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Delicious Recovery

Make your sane food approach to life effortless with our many tools, recipes and food guides designed specifically to help you overcome all challenges to food planning and preparation. We offer many products to make eating and living much easier. Learn More >

Today’s Dietitian magazine recently ranked Theresa as one of the
“10 Incredible Registered Dietitians Who Are Making a Difference.”